The Hindu Today Media Group, a progressive, international media network, with a presence across
digital, mobile, and OTT platforms, is striving to protect, promote, and preserve the indelible
knowledge of applied Hinduism and reach out to like-minded communities settled globally while
making them enlightened. Based out in London, U.K., The Hindu Today Media Group disseminates
the five thousand years old wisdom discovered by the intellectuals and rishis of the Vedic Age, via a
variety of media platforms.

          We take pride in unearthing the priceless knowledge of Vedas, Upanishads, Vedantas, Puranas,
Philosophy, Culture, Tradition, Crafts, Heritage, Ayurveda, Astrology, Vasstu Shastra, Yoga, Satvic
Foods, Sects, Scriptures, and Spirituality to the public domain so that our new generation readers
would be able to understand the symbiotic relationship between the modern, scientific,
technological advancements and the rich philosophies of Vedic knowledge that once enthused the
most inquisitive minds to delve into the inscrutable concepts of nature.

        Our mission is to promote the brilliant wisdom of Sanatana Dharma, the eternal religion, that once
played the primary role in intellectual attainment in whatever dimension of human knowledge, be it
philosophy, arts, religion, science, or technology. We understand that it's high time to reduce the
growing hiatus between knowledge gathered from the ancient treasure of brilliant wisdom that our
great rishis took thousands of years to establish the veracity and knowledge of the modern
breakthroughs established by science & technology. The Hindu Today Media Group is poised to bring
the enormous knowledge of applied Hinduism to the fore so that the lives of mankind can be
improved in a significant proportion.

        The Hindu Today Media Group launches a slew of products such as The Hindu Today portal, Virtual
Sevak, Hindu Academia, and Business Exchange
, and plans to launch several other products keeping
in mind the exquisite requirements of our audience. Here are brief descriptions of our immediate
products available for the benefit of mankind.

        Through Connecting Hindus Globally  wherever you are or whatever you do, amplify your social and business quotient by connecting fellow Hindus worldwide. Business Exchange is a global directory for Hindus for bonding & binding businesses based on the principle of same pattern of consumption by Hindu communities across the world.

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