What is Connecting Hindus Globally platform?

The Connecting Hindus Globally platform is a Business Exchange for bonding & binding businesses based on the principle of the same pattern of consumption by Hindu communities across the world. This is a unique opportunity for Hindu businessmen to list their products and services on this platform to expand their business horizons. The directory lists all businesses, products, and services that are predominantly consumed by the Hindus wherever they live.


How does this platform help businesses focused on a specific community-based consumption?
The Connecting Hindus Globally platform is a collaborative marketplace for Hindu communities living in different geographies of this world. When you list any product or service on this Business Exchange based on the needs of Hindus, the chances of selling those products or services become maximum because the consumption pattern of Hindus living in any part of the world is similar and has a symbiotic relationship. This factor maximizes the exploration of products and services by the targeted consumers. What is more important to mention here is that our Virtual Sevaks spread across the globe further cut down the sales cycle by promoting those products/services among the local Hindu community.


How does this platform function?

This platform is driven by AI-powered programmatic exploration that gathers information from the product searches happening on any search engine and the IP of the device that initiates the search. Based on the deeper analysis of consumer needs the product information gets populated on the consumer devices through Ad Sense, which further excites the prospective buyers to check those listings and place orders.


What are the core features of this platform?

The Connecting Hindus Globally platform offers self-service for the business to list any product or service essentially needed by the Hindu community irrespective of their place of living across geographies. The businesses can create a detailed web page including content, graphics, images, and videos of their products/services. Furthermore, the underlying business rules for any segment enable the businesses to offer services to the buyers. For example, a hotel/restaurant business can empower end customers to book a table or order food based on locational choice.


How is this platform different from other business platforms available in the market?

Primarily, the Connecting Hindus Globally platform differentiates itself from others in the market by providing a unique business proposition for both buyers and sellers. This platform promotes a sense of belongingness as it attracts a cohesive community mindset hinged on similar consumption patterns. Secondly, the wide range of service integration with the industry segments offers a faster lead conversion. Moreover, the AI-based business engine populates need-based products/services to the target customer.  


Is this platform free?

No. The Connecting Hindus Globally platform is a paid platform as it’s intended to generate leads for the businesses listed on it. This platform has the advantage of focused target customers who need products/services for their daily consumption. 


What’s the price for listing? 
To know more about the pricing of various services, please check the Pricing section. 

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